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Landlord FAQ

Fees charged by Moore & Partners Crawley are clearly listed within our Terms of Business and are available upon request as well as included within our valuation pack.

  • When letting your property, you need to consider the following costs; Moore & Partners Crawley offer three different letting services with varying costs. They include; Let Only, Rent Collection and Full Management. Our fees are charged via a percentage (%) inclusive of VAT of the total contractual rental income. 
  • Are there any additional marketing costs?

Your estate agent should include all marketing expenses within their commission fee but it is worth checking this before you instruct an estate agent, as some may charge an additional fee for advertising etc.

How much will it cost to have my property managed?

Your estate agent's Property Management fee will be charged as a percentage of the rental price inclusive VAT and is payable upon the tenant signing the Tenancy Agreement. Refer to your estate agent's Terms and Conditions for an outline of the services provided by their Property Management department and the corresponding fee.

What are the additional costs to let my property?

There are a few additional costs that may arise when letting a property. If you have been living in the property the Lender may require you to change the product or the type of mortgage you have, the fee for this will vary from lender to lender.

Find yourself a good accountant when it comes to doing your tax return they can advise exactly what you can and cannot claim against, keeping your income at its maximum. Landlords insurance is another additional must have, the more you can get covered the better.

Always set aside an amount of money to cover any maintenance and repairs, general up keeping of your property. After all this is your investment and the better it’s kept the higher the earning potential for you as a landlord.

Who will conduct viewings on my property and when will they occur?

Your estate agent should accompany all viewings during their opening hours. However, in some circumstances they may ask you to conduct the occasional viewing. It is advisable to choose an estate agent who offers longer opening hours to maximize viewing potential and minimize the number of viewings you have to conduct yourself.

Do I need to be present for viewings?

If your estate agent is accompanying all viewings and they have the access codes and keys for your property then your presence is not required.

It is worth noting that tenants often feel more relaxed when the owner is not present.

What is an EPC and how long will it be valid?

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). All properties marketed for sale or let within the EU require an EPC by law. They are valid for 10 years and if provided by Moore & Partners it will cost £120.00 inclusive of. The EPC provides consumers with information to the properties energy efficiency and environmental impact, with ratings of A-G.' A' being the most efficient end of the scale. Moore & Partners can arrange an EPC for you through one of our recommended specialists.  It is a legal requirement for landlords to have a valid EPC before their property is let.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate and Do I need one before letting my property?

If the property has gas, by law a safety inspection of the boiler and gas appliances must take place on an annual basis by a registered Gas Safe contractor. Moore & Partners can arrange this on your behalf at a cost of £120.00 inclusive of VAT.

Do I need to have my property professional cleaned?

A professional clean is always recommended at the start of a new tenancy. This way when the tenant leaves at the end of their contract they must leave the property as they found it. We always advise them to have the property also professional cleaned and that also forms part of our tenancy agreement. To monitor this process the inventory clerks will seek proof off the clean via a cleaners invoice/receipt.

How much is the tenant's deposit and what happens to it?

Typically this is six weeks' rent and is payable upon the signing of the Tenancy Agreement. The deposit should then be registered with a tenancy deposit protection scheme within 14 days.

How much does an inventory cost and who is responsible for organising this?

Moore & Partners arrange for the inventory of your property and check in of your tenants on your behalf. This is carried out by a neutral third party who are members of AIIC. Prices for Inventory and Check In do vary depending on the properties size. For our list of prices please visit our Landlord Fees page (click here) (link to landlord fees page)

How long does it take to receive my rent once paid by the tenant?

Moore & Partners should receive your rent by standing order on the rental due date each month. The due date is typically, although not always, the date on which the tenant moved in. Moore & Partners will endeavour to pay the Landlord within 3 working days of receiving the rent.

What happens if my rent is not received on time?

Moore & Partners will endeavor to resolve the matter as soon as possible, firstly calling tenants as it may just be an oversite. If we are unable to contact a tenant by phone we will go round to the property and make the necessary arrangements to recover the rent owed from the tenants.

Taking out rent guarantee and legal expenses cover is a must have as will pay any rents due and cover up to £50,000 of legal fees. A claim can be made as soon as 24 hours of nonpayment.

What is the process if tenants do not vacate my property at the end of the tenancy?

A tenant that will not leave is a landlord’s worst nightmare however here at Moore & Partners we will liaise directly with tenants to agree another date to leave, should a tenant still not leave we have the experience and knowledge to start the evection process on your behalf.

I am moving abroad do I still have to pay tax on the rental income received?

Yes you would still be liable to pay any tax on your rental income until you complete an NR1 , links to which can be found on www.gov.uk If this is not completed a % will be ducted monthly on your behalf and paid directly to HMRC.

We must advise that we are currently not members of Client Money Protection Scheme (CMP)

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